Here you can find a full price list.

Sepi’s photography always does custom packages to suit exactly what you need. For quotes and more information on custom packages contact me. You can also book your own sessions for when best suits you.

You can receive all original photos with additional cost. 

[qodef_pricing_tables columns=”qodef-four-columns”][qodef_pricing_table title=”General Session” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”125″ price_period=”45min photoshoot”]

  • 8 Edited photos

Designed for one person


.[/qodef_pricing_table][qodef_pricing_table title=”Couples Session” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”150″ price_period=”1 Hour photoshoot”]

  • 10 Edited photos

Focused on just you and the love of your life

.[/qodef_pricing_table][qodef_pricing_table title=”Family Sessions” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”170″ price_period=”1:30 Hour photoshoot”]

  • 12 Edited photos

Designed for parents and kids


.[/qodef_pricing_table][qodef_pricing_table title=”Kids” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”185″ price_period=”1:20 Hour Photoshoot”]

  • 10 Edited photos

I provide toys and decorations

[qodef_pricing_tables columns=”qodef-four-columns”][qodef_pricing_table title=”Maternity Sessions” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”170″ background_color=”#ffffff” price_period=”1:20 Hour photoshoot”]

  • 12 Edited photos
  • Partner and/or children included

Maternity dresses provided by me

.[/qodef_pricing_table][qodef_pricing_table title=”Newborn Sessions” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”185″ background_color=”#ffffff” price_period=”1:20 Hour photoshoot”]

  • 10 Edited photos
  • Parents and/or sibling included

Props and wraps are all supplied by me[/qodef_pricing_table][qodef_pricing_table title=”Maternity & Newborn” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”325″ background_color=”#ffffff” price_period=”1:20+1:20 Hour photoshoot”]

  • 12 + 10 Edited photos
  • Partner and/or children included

All dresses and props provided by me.
.[/qodef_pricing_table][qodef_pricing_table title=”Event” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”125″ background_color=”#ffffff” price_period=”Per hour”]

  • Minimum 2 Hours
  • More than 5 Edited photos

Anniversary, birthday, etc

[qodef_pricing_tables columns=”qodef-four-columns”][qodef_pricing_table title=”Prewedding ” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”320″ background_color=”#ffffff” price_period=”2 Hour photoshoot”]

  • All original photos
  • 8 Edited photos
  • 30min on the beach

40min Studio or your location[/qodef_pricing_table][qodef_pricing_table title=”Wedding & Engagement” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”145″ background_color=”#ffffff” price_period=”Per hour”]

  • All original photos
  • Minimum 3 hours

More than 10 Edited photos


.[/qodef_pricing_table][qodef_pricing_table title=”Photo Retouching” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”+5″ background_color=”#ffffff” price_period=”Per image”]

  • Price depending on your photo

Please send your photo and I will advise you of price[/qodef_pricing_table][qodef_pricing_table title=”Passport photo” show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”15″ background_color=”#ffffff” price_period=”5min”]

  • One edited digital photo
  • No print photo will be supplied